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Jenny Gordon

Oh, my goodness. She is Harry's kind of girl. We need to introduce them. With everything on your plate, I can't believe she has both fingernails and toenails painted. I cannot even find time to paint my own. Glad I have boys!

By the way, I'm jealous. How wonderful that your parents have moved closer to your family. Just as exciting, you are staying home!


That's a whirlwind of an update Kelly! Congrats to all except for the broken arm....atleast it's hot pink!

I saw the pictures on Kim's blog....BEAUTIFUL! I don't know if you read my comment, but you girls should seriously consider adding wedding photography to your list of options. The few shots she posted are amazing!! I know brides would be snatching you two up as quick as you could open your calendars. You and Kim make me want to get married all over again just to have those kind of pictures!!

Now, slow down a bit, won't you? : )


Lacey McKay

Oh! Poor thing! At least it's not slowing her down too much!

Brian told me about the crazy week you've had and I gotta made me feel WAY better about the way mine has been going!

And 53 readers! WOW! You've really got quite the fan base these days! I'm proud I can say "I knew you when..."


Kelly, my friend--you have had *quite* the week. Yea for quitting the job!!!!!

I was so sad to hear about Kate's broken arm, but you know, from the look on her face in those photos, it doesn't look like it's slowing her down any. LOL.

Love that last photo on Kim's blog of the two of you. Super cool!


Hello, I stumbled across your blog, I have to say you are amazing photographer. I would love to have the password. (I used to work if Jake Pratt's mom)


Oh... Kelly what a BUSY time you have had! CONGRATS on quitting the job... I know it was a hard decision but I am sure you are glad that you did it! You definitely should add wedding photography to your offerings... you have such a great eye! YAY - that your parents moved closer. My parents have their house for sale hoping to move closer to us SOON! So sorry to hear about Kate's arm... she doesn't seem to be too bothered by it though! Keep in touch!

Stacy Katterhenry

Hey Kelly! I saw your mom last weekend and heard some cute stories about the kids! I hope Kate is doing okay!


You are an amazing mom and even though you are always so terribly busy I don't think your kids even realize it. You always handle everything with such Grace! That little monkey cracks me up. I don't think that cast is going to slow her down one bit.


Oh man....what a week or so you have had. You are amazing. I don't know how you do it all. Congratulations on all the wonderful things.....and I'm now gonna go try to find these pictures they are talking about.

Take care!


I remember another little girl who broke her arm while we were babysitting when her parents went out of town! Runs in the family!

What a week for you. I know you are so excited that your parents live close by. I plan on seeing you all soon! Love to all your family!


Oh, Kelly. Your commentary cracks me up. Those pics of Kate are hilarious! Take a deep breath- May is almost over. :)


LOL at Kate! That look on her face in the top pic is a riot! Yep, you're in trouble for sure! :D


The wedding pics are absolutely lovely! Makes me want to get married again (to the same man, of course!). And that Kate, whew, just wait until she is a teenager! LOL...


I found your blog and love the photos. How do you get such clear, colorful pictures? Please e-mail me if you read this. I have a blog on our adopted son, Rocco, and I'm always admiring great photography when I see it on other blogs.

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